Residential Location

Cindrella’s Castle is an exclusive women only hostel catering to the boarding needs of the students and working women. Strategic location within 5km from various colleges that includes GRD College of Science, PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, PSG College of Technology, PSGR Krishnammal College for women and Coimbatore Medical College makes it the most favorable option. It is located in a most secured and populated residential neighborhood in the city directly opposite to the Coimbatore Medical College and the newly built IT Tidel park. The Hostel is accessible to all means of major transportation at its door step. Its facilities and services are positioned suitably for the emerging sophisticated youths. The management team consists of qualified people with background in both management and engineering, having a total of 50+ year’s experience in diverse service sectors..

Restore with choice

Serene loving surroundings backed with the state of the art facilities, services and amenities inspire one to indulge in her day to day responsibilities with utmost joy. An order of quality in preparing sumptuous food is provided by carefully considering the different requirements of the inmates from varied backgrounds and geographical origin. The 24/7 hot water, uninterrupted power supply, secured premises and other customized services  adds to the core function in bringing the place- a true customer centric.


With the concentration on providing the best living experience at the most affordable cost, our 48 inmate rooms are designed to accommodate 2 persons per room with individual cot, cupboard and study table for each person. The rooms offer an escape to privacy and personal space, providing an opportunity for a better individual performance excellence.